Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Rusty Comes Home

Rusty's Mom here: Today started out being a very bad day. I cried from the time I got up this morning, I don't know why, but I was just feeling the loss of Rusty so much. Then the vet's office called. Rusty's remains were ready to be picked up. I didn't know how I would feel, and I was already being torn about what to do with him. Should I bury him in his favorite place in the yard or should I just keep him close to me? Well, I didn't realize this, but he came back in a very nice wooden box. They made me a cast of his paw print, which made me cry again. But, I decided for now that he should be on his window ledge where he always sat and watched outside. So, that's where he is.

Thank you everyone for all your kind comments and thoughts. I cried while reading them but they let me know how much Rusty was loved by so many friends here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Rusty - Sad News

Rusty's Mom here. I want to thank everyone for their purrs and prayers. Rusty was gently helped to the bridge this morning. I know he's there now with his brother Grady and his friend Fat Eric and all the other kitties that have gone before.

Last night we rushed him to the emergency vet when he could no longer walk. He began deteriorating rapidly after we took him to his regular vet yesterday evening. At the emergency vet he got more fluids and they gave me a nutritional supplement. They ran blood work on him and everything appeared to be pretty good, but still the fact remains that he was not doing good. I got him home and took him to the litter box and had to help him stay upright so he could go. This morning he couldn't even lift his head and I knew it was time. So, with my heart breaking, I called his vet and took him in.

When I'm feeling more up to it, I'll post a remembrance of him here, but for right now, I just have to get used to the idea of him being gone.

Thank you everyone for being here for me and Rusty.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Rusty Update

This is Rusty's Mom again. Thought I'd just let everyone know how Rusty's vet visit went. He wasn't horribly constipated, the vet said he could feel waste in his colon, but nothing of any large consequence and nothing that indicated he could have a blockage. Rusty was dehydrated so they gave him fluids. I was given some B-vitamins with iron and also an appetite stimulant for him. This vet told me to stop the lactulose since he felt it was adding to Rusty's dehydration and to add mineral oil to his food instead. So, we'll see how it goes.

Keep your purrs and prayers going for Rusty, I know that he and I really appreciate it.

Rusty Report

Hi, this is Rusty's Mom. I just wanted to let everyone know that today he is not doing real well. He hasn't eaten all day and he really looks like he doesn't feel very good at all. I can't get him into the vet until this evening and I'm not sure if he's just constipated again or if perhaps more is going on. My husband is convinced that his body is beginning to shut down, I don't know, I just feel all I can do right now is try to prepare myself for the possible worst. He has been around a very long time, much longer than I ever thought he would. All I can do at this point in time is tell myself that he's had a wonderful life and I've done all the best I could for him.

I ask that you keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

I will try to keep you all posted as to what happens.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mancat Monday

I'm still a pretty good mancat. I still explore and check out my yard on a regular basis. But, it's getting colder now and I don't like to go outside when it's cold, so every warmer sunny day I get outside when I can.

I have to tell you though. My Mom went away for a week to visit the Morgan-baby. She actually left me home alone all night for the first night because the house sitter was out of town until the next day! I was so mad at my Mom, first for leaving me for a whole week and then leaving me home alone! But, when she came back, I was so glad to see her. She also took me to the vet person before she left. So, that's three bad things... vet, home alone, gone for a week. But, the vet lady suggested Mom try to feed me something called toonafish if I don't eat (and I don't eat, I hate the food Mom gives me. All except for whipped cream, I still like that.) This toonafish stuff is good! Mom's not sure it's a good idea, but I like it and I eat it.

Rusty's Mom here. He did fine being home alone that first night. I was a bit concerned about it, he hasn't been left alone all night for years, not since he was much younger. But, he was ok.

The vet told me that his kidney value is up a little bit and his liver enzyme, alkaline phosphatase, was also up a little bit, but she said that it's nothing to be real concerned about yet. Rusty just doesn't want to eat much anymore. He leaves the cat food in the bowl and ends up eating maybe only 1/4 or less of a small can a day. I do worry about this not eating, but I'm not sure that feeding him tuna fish every day is also a good idea either. But, what do you do with an older cat? I guess I try to just give him as good a life as I can. He sleeps most of the day now so perhaps he doesn't need to eat much anymore. I fear that his time is getting shorter and I try to prepare myself for that eventual day. Then, when I think the time is drawing nearer, he does something remarkable for such an old cat as if to say, "I'm not dead yet".

Thanks everyone for visiting his blog, even though we don't post much anymore. I find it hard to write about him, when I'm worrying so much about him. You've all been such good friends to him.