Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Friday

Today's a rainy day and I think I'll just nap on my comfy blankie on the sofa all day. I really don't want to go outside, I tried that this morning and came right back in the house cuz it was just too wet outside. Bleh, I hate the rain! I want sunny days always!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mancat Monday

This is my ferocious mancat look.

Don't I look so mancatly? Do you think this look would keep the neighborhood introoder cats away from my yard and also make the girlcats swoon?

Mom's still been practicing with that black picture box thing. Thankfully, no flashies, but I still can't get used to her just sticking that thing in my face. I'm always waiting for that bright flash.

Ok, Mom, enough already! I think you've taken like a hundred pictures and I'm tired now. All these photos were taken while I was sitting on Mom's lap. She just held the camera out there and "snap!"

Many thanks to Zoolatry for including me in the Masked Monday. I recognized me right away.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

Ahhhhhhh, it's Sunday again. I like Sunday. Everyone sits around after breakfast drinking coffee (just cream for me, please) and relaxing all morning. Mom reads the paper and I get to sit on her lap when she gets over to the sofa. I finally got my sofa-sitting privileges back after getting my feet cleaned up enough.

Mom's been taking a photography class at the local Community College and she's learning how make photographs without using the flashy thing. I'm liking this a lot more although I still shy away when she comes at me with that black box that used to flash. She says that in the house, she's going to have to get her small tripod out to use since the camera wants a very slow shutter speed and big aperture (whatever that means) when she doesn't use the flash and photos can get very blurry when she just holds the camera. She took this photo just holding the camera and she tried to stay very, very still. Later today, she wants to go over to a big park and take some photos. I'm waiting until she learns a lot and can take some real nice candid shots of me.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Saturday - Caturday

It has been raining so much here, Mom and I are really getting tired of it. Things outside are so wet. And, not only has it been raining, it's been kind of cold too. Last night I went out and Mom wasn't too happy with me when I came back inside. Can you see why?

Yep, look at my feet. I didn't think they were that bad, but Mom did. She wouldn't let me up on the sofa to sit with her until I got cleaned up. I fussed about it, I mean really, they'll eventually dry and the dirt will come off, but those Moms, they just don't want that dirt to come off on the sofa, I guess.

So, I got busy doing a bit of foot cleaning.

And, since Mom was so upset, I thought maybe I should just clean a bit more to try to get back in her good graces. It took me awhile to get my feet in an acceptable condition, Mom got a damp washcloth and helped too, but you know, I really don't like her messing with my feet. Especially the back ones, they're a bit sensitive, you know?

Mom says it's not supposed to rain today or tomorrow. I sure hope she's right. We're both so very tired of the rain all the time.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

This is how I'm spending my Sunday. Relaxed and napping in my nice warm bed. It's been cold and rainy here lately, and even though I've gone outside in the rain, I really don't like it much and I won't stay out very long. I just sit on the deck next to the house under the roof overhang. I don't get so wet that way.

Mom says winter (snow time) is coming and that doesn't make me very happy. I see leaves from trees all over the ground now. I wish summer can be here all the time.