Sunday, February 28, 2010

Easy Like Sunday

A week or so ago, we had some real nice temperatures and it was sunny so the porch warmed up a lot and we were all able to sit out there and relax. I sure miss that during the cold winter (so does Mom and the Guy too). I just sorta napped the afternoon away on the porch feeling the warm sunshine on my back. It felt soooooooo goooooood!

Some have made comments about Mom keeping chocolate goodies on a shelf in the basement with the other stored food. Well, Mom has real good self control and she just knows if she gave in and ate all those chocolate goodies right away, she'd end up gaining too much weight so she tries real hard to keep those urges in check. She gets a few out of the box and takes them upstairs and puts them in the big white cold box. She says she likes them better when they're cold but not frozen. Then she eats them before she goes back for more.

The Guy was a bit elated this morning cuz he caught one of the mouse culprits. I'm afraid it was a death sentence for the critter too, the trap did it's dirty deed. But, Mom says she hopes no more delicious peanut butter cups will be wasted on the mouse population. The guy reset the traps just in case, though. You never know when there's more mice hanging around. I sure wish I could have caught that mouse. I haven't had a warm meat meal in a very long time. I always liked the head best too. I used to woof that down right away and then leave the rest for Mom in case she wanted to just roast it for dinner.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh, Oh, I'm slippin'

Mom went to the basement storage shelves to get a peanut butter cup. Guess what she found! Someone's been eating them! She says it must be mice. She looked at ME! (I haven't been eating them) and said I must be slippin'!

Well, look how high up on those shelves the boxes of peanut butter cups are! I can't get up that high at MY age! I just CAN'T! Mom needed a ladder to take the picture! So, the Guy says we need to get some traps to catch the mice that I can't catch (and he said it with kind of a sarcastic look, rolling his eyes, like how good is a cat that can't at least catch mice!)

Well, all I got to say is, I'm a bit old to be hunting mice these days. I used to catch them, but at my advanced age (I'll be 19 years old on March 10th) I just can't do that stuff anymore. I'm RETIRED!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cat Olympics

Ok, I wasn't going to really enter or host any Cat Olympics events. I mean, at my age, the only one I feel I'm really good at is napping. I mean, I probably nap more than anyone else on the blogosphere!

But, then I got to thinking. There are some things I can do quite well. One is the Twin Event. Now look at these photos. I think I do very well at looking like my nephew, Bastien's, twin.

Now, really, you can't look anymore like someone else than that, can you?

And, then there's the stairs climbing event. I have that mastered. With my house, there are so many stairs that I need to climb, that even at my advanced age, I can do quite well. Look at this form:

Is this not the face of a champion?

Yes, even if I don't win the gold, me and my Mom think I'm always a gold medal winner all around.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Mancat Monday

I'm doing a smart mancat thing and I'm hunkering down in my bed for the next few days. Mom says that even though we were lucky and missed the last snowstorm, we are supposed to get hit with 6 - 10 inches tomorrow. 10 inches! Wow, that's higher than I am tall on all four legs! I won't be able to go outside at all, until they can get things cleaned up a bit. I'm NOT looking forward to it. Mom says maybe she can get some pretty snow photos, but you know what? I'd rather have pretty SUMMER photos! So, I'm going to stay hunkered down in my blue blankie covered bed and dig in (oh no, I can't believe I just said that!) for the next few days.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Caturday

Ahhhh, Saturday. A relaxing day. We didn't get hit with all the white stuff that some folks got last night, we were just at the very edge of the storm (which I am caternally grateful for since I don't like that cold, wet, white stuff). Hope everyone who's buried in can just stay in their nice warm beds and nap like me. I peeked and saw Mom sneaking up with the flashy box. But, notice my great sleeping form. Front leg partially over my face to block the light, head curled around on my floofy tail, and if you look closely my head is resting on my back foot. I think I should be in the Kitty Olympics. Mom says I can curl up into the smallest bit of cat she's ever seen.

Hope everyone has a good Caturday, those who got the storm, stay home and warm.