Saturday, June 27, 2009

Caturday Picnic

Well, today's the big picnic day. I couldn't get Mom to go out yesterday and de-stress by rolling on the sidewalk. I really tried to convince her it would make her feel better, though.

I'm going to help her right now so we can do a quick blog before she gets too busy with more preparations.

Here's all the stuff they have packed up ready to go. Mom says I have to stay home, but that's all right with me since I really wouldn't want to go for a long ride in the driving machine anyhow. Mom says she'll be glad when the picnic is all over with. I hope it all goes good for her.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Finally Friday!

It's finally Friday, after a very exciting week. Think I'll have a scritch or two on the sidewalk to start the day.

The raccoons finally all got down. The Guy who's married to Mom said he saw two come down Wednesday night when he went to bed and he saw the other two come down Thursday morning when he was on his way to work. So, they all got down and went to where ever raccoons around here go to hang out. Mom's relieved that they are all safe and ok.

My human sister's wedding celebration picnic is tomorrow and Mom's just been going a bit crazy trying to help organize things. My human sister should be home today and then they have to go shop for food and other stuff. The Guy who lives here just left to buy some ice. Mom says she'll be glad when this is all over. (She's sort of a stress person, I told her to just go out and roll on the sidewalk for awhile and she'd feel better.)

The porch project is coming along, Mom and the Guy went to the wood store last weekend and bought big sticks of wood to finish the inside. The Guy wasted no time and had the wood all up in a couple days. He says he's getting too old for this construction stuff and he was a bit achy for a few days. But, it's nice, they have a few more pieces of wood to get and put around the windows and door. Then they'll paint. Mom told me already, no way was I going to be allowed to snoopervise the painting. She didn't want to have to clean wet paint off me. Here's some pictures of the work in progress.

C'mom you guys, I can't snoopervise if you won't let me out the door. I just gotta make sure you're doing a good job!

Let me try a different approach. I'll try getting in from the outside.

Well at least I can see more now, but it's kinda hard to do a real inspeckshun through glass.

Here's my chance! I'll just slip in quietly when they're not looking...

Oh, oh, the guy's yelling that I'm getting in the way and maybe I should just try to make an exit. Sheesh. Guess he just doesn't appreciate good help.

Well, here's what they got done. I think it looks pretty good. Can't wait until it's completely finished and all the mess and noise is done.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday Evening Entertainment

We've had an interesting thing going on in the neighborhood lately. The Guy who's married to Mom had noticed a raccoon climbing down the downspout of the house across the street. Every day around the same time, this raccoon would be up on the roof, then climb down and head down the street towards the river. Mom wondered if she had babies up on that roof.

Well, guess she does! She has four babies up there on the roof of the house right across the street from us.

Looks like they're getting old enough to be weaned and she's trying to entice them to climb down the downspout as she does, but it looks like they're having nothing to do with that idea. They're busy running up and down the gutter trying to figure out where their mom went. If you look, you can see her under the roof overhang hanging on to the top of the downspout.

Mom says things haven't been quite so entertaining around here in a long while, but she does hope the babies figure out how to climb down the spout like their mom. The Guy who's married to Mom says if the mom can't get them to climb down, they could starve up there because she can only nurse them for so long. Mom hopes that things don't come to that. Mom suggested to the guy who lives in the house to put a 2x4 between the top roof and the porch roof just below it (which was the Guy who lives here's idea) that they might have an easier time climbing down that way. The guy who lives in the house just said he should get a shotgun. (Mom was a bit horrified at that thought!)

Mom says she just hope it all works out and the babies get down on the ground with their mom.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy Like Sunday - Happy Dad's Day

This is my idea of a relaxing way to spend Sunday.

Happy Fathers' Day to all the dads out there. The guy here doesn't like to be called Dad, but like it or not, I think he is my Dad since he's married to my Mom.

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

Mom wasn't able to find a lot of box pictures. She said that she knew I had been in boxes a lot during my life, but she just didn't take pictures everytime. In the old days, pictures weren't as easy as they are now, you had to have something called filem and take the filem to a place to have it made into pictures. Dijital cameras do a much faster job and are so much easier.

Here I am in a computer paper box when Mom was cleaning out the closet. It was a cozy fit.

I think the guy got something from a place called You-Pee-Ess and this was the box it came in.

And, this is my nephew Bastien, inside his toy box. Next to him is his favorite toy, the sheep. You can see its legs sticking up.

These are some very old photos, Mom had to put them in the scanning machine to put them on the 'puter.

This is a picture of me and Grady when we were very young. We were both in the carpet covered box (does that count?) My human sister took this picture.

And this is me, in all my glory. This picture was taken when I was about five years old.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Mancat Monday

Don't I look like a ferocious mancat?

My Mom's been busy looking for box pictures. We don't have too many, but she's found a few.

MAGGY (Zoolatry) & ROMEO (Peggy’s Place)
officially declare and invite you to take part in
on Friday, June 19, 2009

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Easy on Sunday

I think this is the best way to spend today. I need some rest, I've been just way too busy snoopervising that construction job and it just wears me out at my age. The construction guy told my Mom that they should be done on Tuesday, weather permitting. Then the guy who lives here has to get busy and get the inside part done.

I didn't get to put any pawprints in that new cement, Mom finally let me out later on Friday, but when I walked on the cement it was too hard for me to put my mark in it. Drat! I really wanted to leave a reminder of me. Oh, well, guess pictures are enough for Mom.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Finally Friday!

Oh, man! Guess what showed up at MY house at 7:00 this morning! A giant driving machine! Mom called it a cement truck. She said it was going to pour my new sidewalk. It scared me, it was just too loud and I wouldn't even sit in the window to watch it. Mom took this picture through the new porch door and the glass looks a little foggy.

But, now they're done and it's quiet again. Look at my new sidewalk! The builder guy told Mom that they'll come back tomorrow and finish it after it cures.

But, Mom says I can't go outside today (Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?) She's afraid I'll try to walk on the new sidewalk and maybe leave my paw prints in it. (Now, that I think of it, that might not be such a bad idea. I'd be remembered FOREVER!)

But anyhow, I guess I'll just spend the first glorious day we've had after all that rain sacked out inside. Maybe Mom will let me go out if she can watch me and make sure I stay off the new sidewalk.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Easy Like Sunday

I know it's late in the day, but it is an easy Sunday here. The folks are having after dinner drinks on the deck and me, I'm just relaxing nearby under the extra chairs listening to their conversation. It's a nice relaxing time for me.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Saturday Caturday - I'm OK

Some of you have been worried about me, I've not been around much. Mom's just been so busy with those builder guys and the porch project. It's nearly done now, here's a photo:

Mom says we can do before and after pictures when it's completely done. More outside work has to be done yet, the sidewalk and the step as well as the lattice work under the porch. Then, Mom needs to decide what she wants to plant around it. The guy's not real happy with the way it looks to the left of the door, Mom says it needs the illusion of a corner post there and that will fix it up.

But, I'm ok, we're just all real busy so far. You know, summers get like that. Mom says the empty calendar is filling up, barbecues and parties. My human sister's wedding picnic is the end of this month and Mom just found out that their friend who was going to do the catering and cooking can't come because he just started a new job and he can't take off. So, now Mom's in a bit of a tizzy over that too.

I just try to avoid everything and crawl under the front of the deck in my favorite spot behind the pink bush and sleep. That keeps me happy and stress-free. Maybe my humans need to try it sometime.