Sunday, February 15, 2009


Yesterday morning, I looked out the deck door window and this is what I saw! That icky cold white stuff was back. Now I can't go on the deck until someone around here gets busy and shovels it off. What's with that guy with the gray hair and beard that lives here? He sure has been lazy this weekend.

I also want to wish all the kitties out there a belated Happy Valentine's Day. Mom was just too busy yesterday to help me blog.


The Island Cats said...

Hey, Rusty, we think you ought to keep pestering that guy with the beard until he shovels off your deck...a cat's gotta get a little fresh air, you know....

Angel said...

Lots of luck on getting teh guy to shovel! Happy Valentines day to you!

Country Cats said...

Hope you had a nice V-day!

Fat Eric said...

Hi Rusty!

Thanks for wanting to join the Gorgeous Gingers! I will bully my mum into updating the latest batch of pics for the GG page as soon as I can.

You look furry like ME!!! That is cool! Maybe we are long lost relatives?

castle diva said...

Sigh, we're expecting more of the s-word tomorrow.

That box is a perfect fit and your Mom should keep it for you.

Ms. P (who loves her boxes)

Poppy Q said...

Hiya Rusty,
we read about you on Fat Erics site.

Nice to meet you dude.

Poppy Q